Şeref Taşkın


Mr. Şeref Taşkın has been  graduated from the Ankara Faculty of Political Sciences  in 1988. He joined the Council of Inspectors of the Ministry of Finance of Turkey in 1989. He worked in the Council of Inspectors of the Turkish Ministry of Finance until 1998 then he resigned from the Council. He worked as a financial group coordinator for several companies between 1998-2001 and was a member of the Board in some group companies. In 2002, he joined Arkan & Ergin - JPA International as a partner and certified public accountant . He provides consulting and auditing services in the fields of tax consulting, business transfer, divisional restructuring, corporate mergers, purchase and sale of shares, detection of  audit, investigation services, litigations of taxes. He continues as certified public accountant to his professional life .