Corporate Finance offers value creating solutions to clients with its several years of experience, specialist team, and a broad international network. Corporate Finance 

The Corporate Finance team in Turkey was established in August 2004 following the Turkey's EU membership talks to focus mainly on middle market transactions. Turkish middle market which is mostly owner managed and family companies are going through a transition to become more transparent, more structured, and more efficient to enhance company value. Our boutique CF house offers hands on services to companies to reach their value targets.

Corporate finance services include advice on
▪ Merger and acquisitions (M&A) 
▪ Company valuations 
▪ Industry research reports 
▪ Cost optimization 
▪ Establishing financial and reporting systems 
Coming from a wide range of backgrounds, the team consists of professionals educated in universities like Stanford, MIT, Purdue, ETH Zürich, METU, NYU and experienced in international companies like Lucent Technologies Citibank, and Midland Bank. Along with the department’s dynamic professionals, the team’s other main advantage in the M&A field is its access to Paris based JPA International’s global networking infrastructure. 

Arkan&Ergin is a founding member of JPA Corporate Finance International – CFI AG. 
CFI AG, established within JPA International as a financial advisory group specialized in M&A services, supports clients to pursue transactions in domestic and global markets by helping them to execute their corporate goals. Corporate Financial International’s M&A specialists have the insight and experience to advise family business and owner-managed business through each stage of the merger and acquisition process. 
CFI AG’s main advantage in the M&A field is its access to JPA International’s global networking infrastructure. Headquartered in Germany, with a central research and coordination unit, we are best organized to serve our clients to offer an international coverage. We have offices in 9 countries with correspondents in 150 offices. 

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