Incentive Services

Encouragement and subsidies refer to the direct (cash) and/or indirect (taxes and fees) supports provided by the government to enable the sectors that should be supported for the public interest, to contribute to investment, export, foreign exchange earning activities and employment in line with the economic planning of the government.

As is known, the most significant macroeconomic issues of our country are the current account deficit and employment. Settling such issues will be possible by increasing investments and foreign exchange earning activities. It is anticipated that the government grants and subsidies will continue to increase in this period in which the economic data worsened with the impact of the worldwide epidemic,

Encouragement Services

  • Investment incentive
  • Export subsidy ( Provision of Iinward Processing Authorization Certificate (DIIB), direct subsidies for exports, financing subsidies by Eximbank, subsidies to open stores and warehouses abroad, subsidies for promotional activities abroad, branding supports, etc.)
  • R&D subsidy
  • Project-based incentives announced by the government periodically
  • Tax planning by using the subsidy
  • Trainings with respect to the encouragement system


  • To reduce the investment cost,
  • To reduce the cost of products/services to be exported by benefiting from the export subsidies,
  • To reduce financing costs,
  • To use the tax especially in investment or growth within the scope of subsidy provided for investment,
  • To ensure reduction in product development and costs by carrying out R&D activities,
  • To ensure cost reduction as a result of the partial compensation of personnel wages by the Treasury,
  • To benefit from the supports of rent, promotion, certification and e-commerce participation, which are provided to a significant extent in the marketing of products and services abroad,
  • To strengthen the competitive position at home and abroad,
  • To facilitate the investments of organizations such as capacity increase and facility modernization in terms of finances and taxes.
  • To facilitate the investments of organizations such as capacity increase and facility modernization in terms of finances and taxes.

Grant and Subsidy Services for Tourism

  • To carry out sector-specific due diligence and process control
  • To prepare feasibility, to conduct investment finance planning
  • To obtain tourism investment/operation documents to be provided from the Ministry of Tourism
  • To prepare the necessary files for the application of tourism allocations
  • To provide consultancy on issues such as changes, transfers, etc. in terms of allocations
  • To provide consultancy on the agreements to be drawn up between the hotel operator and the investor

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